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It's time to increase your business cash flow

We help business owners double their sales with authentic social media techniques so they can stop leaving money on the table by not having a plan.

The Social To Sales System

Track Your ROI

Track your profits to know which marketing technique is the most beneficial for our business. 

Post Confidently

Follow a plan to show up consistently and authentically with on-trend content that converts. 

Grow Your Audience

Reaching the right accounts has never been so easy when you know the best way to cultivate sales correctly. 

Stay Accountable

We a weekly power hour and office hours so you can get the help you need to keep you growing.

I'm Tess Owen,

the founder and CEO of Omni Social Media as well as a valued social media strategist, public speaker, and woman of influence. I stress hard work, integrity, and creativity as the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy.

With an old fashioned work ethic and modern online marketing expertise, I bring a unique, relationship-centered approach to digital marketing campaigns and coaching.

It’s time for a system to know & track your profits then reach your target audience with authentic and consistent content.

What some of my clients say


Rebecca Beardsley - Chief Executive Officer at Up Your Salon Game

"Tess' positive energy and big ideas inspire me to make much needed changes in my own business. Her methods and business practices are engaging, relevant and fun. After just one call, I have a couple weeks of homework to get me realigned. Real and laser focus is what get with Tess. Look forward to more!"

Sandra Clark - LinkedIn Training | Consulting | Profile Optimizer | Speaker

"As a LinkedIn expert I also try to keep up with other types of social media and figure out where it all fits into my overall marketing strategy. Hiring Tess as a consultant was one of the smartest decisions I've made. She is a true expert at Facebook marketing in particular and then maximizing one's time to market across all social media platforms. She created a clear strategy for me, showed me the technical how to of scheduling in advance and advanced ninja tricks in Facebook and Hootsuite, and, best of all, created an easy to follow social media marketing calendar for me. It's like hiring your own personal cheerleader. And Tess and her team will even do it all for you if you're too busy. "

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