What’s Your Next Big Move?

Today, I want to talk about your next move. Do you know what your next big move is? I encourage everyone to spend some time planning what their next move is going to be – whether it’s in your business, personal or spiritual life. What are you gearing up to do? Today, I’m going to give you three pointers that will give you the momentum that you may need to make that move.

Make a Plan
What do you have that’s in the works right now? Take an inventory and find what you’re super excited for. We’ve talked about all the things you want to accomplish in 2019 so how did you do in the first month? Where did you get in terms of reaching your goals?

Creating a plan will help you get there. I encourage you to spend 10 minutes envisioning how you’re going to reach your goals and put together a plan to achieve it. Whether you’re planning an event for your business, rolling out a new product or trying to reach a new level, physically, mentally or spiritually – have a plan. Consider your plan your roadmap to success – it will help guide you and keep you on track. One of my personal goals for 2019 is to read one book a month and I was able to accomplish that in January! Now my focus is set on February and I know it’s just one more book. I’ve already proven to myself I could do it once and now I have the momentum I need to push myself to do it again. What’s your plan to get where you’re trying to go?

Decide your goal, Decide your future
You are in total control over your future – whether it’s the next 5, 10 or 15 years. Your future and what it looks like is whatever you want it to be.

If your goal is to make a six figure income, then let’s break that down month by month. What do you need to get there? How much are you making now and how much do you need to reach your goal? Visualize your goal on a daily basis. Are you looking at your goals that you’ve written down and really focusing on them? Put your efforts in to your goals and you can achieve them!

Go Big or Go Home
Get your community involved! Whatever your goals are, get your community involved in them. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, whether it is instruments for something you’re working on or you need printed collateral for your business – whatever it is that you need to reach your goals, don’t be afraid to ask. Tell your community about your goals and reach out for help – find a way to make them a reality. I know you can do it!

My call to action for you today is to spend 10 minutes visualizing, writing down and refocusing on your 2019 plan. Now that January is over, the hype has calmed down and practicality has set in, use this as an opportunity to refocus on what the goal was for this year. Look at it with a new lens and set a plan to achieve your goals. Think about your next big move – I’m excited to see what it is! Whether you put it on social media or just let me know in a private email, I look forward to hearing what everyone has in the works. I’m here to give you the encouragement you need to tackle it and really get the momentum moving.

Go out there and spread good vibes! Help somebody in need, give them a smile or open the door for a stranger. You are truly valuable in your community and I love seeing how positive energy can have a ripple effect throughout communities.

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