Turn It Up This Fall

There’s no argument here that summer can distract us from our work. Maybe it’s watching our peers, coworkers, or business partners take amazing vacations all summer long. Or, maybe it’s our own struggle to re-enter work life after some well earned R&R. Whatever it is that steals our motivation during the summer, it is a thing.

With summer time coming to an end, it’s time to kick it back into high gear this fall. And while many of us would rather be sitting pool-side, there’s something so motivating about being mega-productive, accomplishing goals, and watching our bank accounts grow. Here’s a recent article of great tips to keep some summer focus that we can continue into the cooler months. Our favorite recommendations are:

Time Blocking:

We are all about planning with time blocks in mind. This is in line with our SMART goals approach (read more about this here). Working in designated chunks of time helps you remember what you’re supposed to be focused on when you do inevitably get distracted.

Work Offline:

OMG, did we just endorse this?! Yes, we did. Sometimes a good old fashioned notebook is the perfect place to conceptualize ideas, write out lists, brainstorm goals, and layout first drafts. Less internet can mean less distractions. The internet is designed to distract and sometimes you just need to take the power back, and turn to pen and paper.

BONUS: Back to school sales are all over the place! It’s the perfect time to get a new pad and pen for your desk.

Take Breaks:

Break it up. Studies show that children learn best when their time blocks are limited to 45 minutes and separated by physical activity. As adults, we haven’t changed much. For each hour of work you do, take a 5-10 minute break. Research confirms that getting up to do jumping jacks, taking a short walk to the coffee bar, or simply changing from sitting to standing are key ways refocus the brain.

Caffeine, Caffeine:

Whatever your pleasure, coffee, tea, matcha, kombucha… grab that mug. Caffeine can make us feel more alert! And, who isn’t up for that? Iced matcha latte’s are the recent winners around here!

(Looking for your own matcha latte recipe? Try this one!)


Ultimately, focus is always a hustle. We encourage you to also keep up with your goal setting, accountability networks, and realistic planning. Those achievable tasks motivate us and they bridge the big picture goals with our day-to-day schedules.

There is still time this month to push toward our quarter end goals, whether that means a little course correction today or ramping up to a higher level of effort. Don’t forget to set new goals for the last quarter as well.

You got this! And Omni is with you at every step. We have new online trainings, social media growth opportunities, and strategy sessions just for you. Or you can join our community of business professionals in the Omni Inner Circle.

— The Omni Social Media Team

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