Shine Online Society

It's time for you to shine!

Let’s channel our inner awesomeness into our online outlets. If you are reading this, you rock!

We are here to build our online networks together.

Shine Online Members

As a Shine Online member, you can expect:

  • The infamous Monday morning meetings 10-10:30AM  via Facebook live where I teach you new things about social media, answer questions and help guide you through your Marketing. 
  • Daily messageds to  fuel for your day 
  • Texting Hotline: Ask questions via text or schedule time to chat with Tess privately
  • You will be given many opportunities to share your business and make meaningful connections.


Additional Assistance

If you find yourself needing additional help along the way, we can coach you one-on-one!

Our specialists can coach you on our services:

  • Color Guide/Branding
  • Messaging and Content
  • Photos and Graphics
  • Setup and Design
  • Newsletter Process
  • Later/Hootsuite Setup
  • Website Audit

Social Media Resources

Within the first 2 weeks of joining the Shine Online Society you will receive your Social Media Starter Kit. The Kit Includes:

  • Content calendar creation guide
  • Business Building tools
  • More Goodies from Tess

“Shine your light —

it will inspire others

to find their own.”


— Randy Taran

Anything else you need

We are here to support you!

Schedule your SHINE Online Member LOVE ❤️ chat with Tess! This session is FREE for you, so let’s talk about your personal Social Media strategy and how you can take your business to the next level!

If 20 Minutes isn’t enough, enjoy  40% off my One-hour private training sessions to hone your skills and personal strategy.

You will also receive...