Post For Me

Social Media is quickly becoming the number one way to advertise your business – and even better, it’s free! Great, so all you have to do is post, right? Of course, we know that it’s not that simple.  Creating meaningful content for your Social Media channels is time-consuming.

That’s where Omni Social Media and our Post for Me service comes in. We will create a style guide that matches the brand of your company, and then based on your needs, your assigned Content Manager will curate and post to your Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) on your behalf.

We use specialized software which will determine the best time to schedule your posts, and will generate analytics reports so that you can review how well your platforms are doing.

You can provide as much or as little input as you like! Some clients prefer to be hands-off and let us do all the work. You can also provide us with recommended content, or anything specific you would like posted, such as upcoming events and announcements.

All posts we create for you can be reviewed by you ahead of time so that you can make any changes you wish. We are here to make you look great and grow your business.

Fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to supporting you and seeing your business grow.