Plant the Seeds of Your Business

January is a great month to start fresh, but most importantly, get back to basics. Let’s use symbolism, because it’s fun. When you think of growing your business, think of it as a plant. In order to grow a plant with strong roots, you need good soil, the right amount of sun, and most importantly, you need to plant the right seeds. The same goes for your business. 

Think of your product or service as the seed you are planting. It’s a great time to reconsider or tweak your product or service in order to reap a better harvest this year. What about it worked last year? What didn’t? What are some new ideas you can implement this year? 

Your plant needs good soil to grow in, just like your business needs a good community. It’s a new year, and a great way to feel good and grow your business is to become more involved in your community. Do some community service, join a nonprofit board, whatever floats your boat, really. Networking is important, but so is giving back. You reap what you sow.

Sun! Very necessary for photosynthesis. I like to think about sun as positive engagement with your brand. Engagement can happen via social media, your website, and at events. Get back to the basics by making sure your website is up-to-date, stylish, and has good copy. Create a content plan for what you’re putting out on social media for the next few months… or if you’re feeling ambitious, try to do it for the year!

This is a reminder that sometimes we need to backtrack to ensure that your business is in the right environment and doing the correct things so it can grow in the ways you’ve always dreamed of. 2020 is your year! 

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