It’s Time to Bring Back Old Habits!✨

Hi Tess!

Even though the world is a bit chaotic right now with politics and the pandemic, we must get back to what we were doing pre-pandemic. We need to stay focused on our business and continue to work on those healthy habits we worked so hard to create before everything changed. People need you products and services – they need what you have!!

I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions. What are the little things you can do to reengage with your audience? What did you like doing before the pandemic? What can you bring back to share with your followers? The answers to these questions will help guide the path forward for you.

I am bringing back DFTBA – “Don’t Forget To Be Awkward”! This is something we used to encourage all the time, but COVID changed things for a little while. But now, I think it is the perfect time to bring it back. Let’s face it, it’s awkward to follow up with a prospective client! It’s awkward to reach out to total strangers. But by doing these activities and getting out of our comfort zone, that’s when growth and success will happen!

It’s so essential for us to be confident in our posts. We need to be positive in our thoughts and actions throughout the day and eliminate negative words from our vocabulary. Be confident and tell yourself you can do it!

Lastly, one of the hardest but best things we can do for our business’s social media is to just be ourselves! Put your quirkiness out there for everyone to see and show them who you are – you never know who you can connect with by just being your most authentic self.

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