Are You Missing Out?

Are you missing out on Instagram and all it has to offer? Do you log on to Instagram and think you’re awesome at using all of its tools? Or are you the opposite and find that Instagram is overwhelming and hard for you? 

Instagram is such a huge, fun platform to be a part of and contribute to. I was recently with some friends this week and they were all saying how much they love Instagram! However, if you aren’t using all of the tools Instagram has to offer, you may not getting as much out of it as you could be. 

I’m Tess Owen, the founder of Omni Social Media, where we help business owners with their social media strategy. From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn – we help make your graphics look fly, ensure that your collateral stands out against your competitors and help you with social media strategies you might not have even thought of yet. We can help you get more exposure for your product, service or whatever your passion may be, whether that’s your community, a non-profit you’re really in to, and even your church you want to highlight. 

Anything you’re in to, we want to help you get the exposure you need. Chances are there are others out there who are in to that exact same thing you are, and you just need to connect. It’s all about looking for people in your community and letting them know about your efforts and your services. You could enhance their life if they just knew about you and the work you’re doing, right? 

Instagram is a great platform to use to accomplish that. I’m personally obsessed with Instagram and I want others to know about all the good it has to offer. If you have explored Instagram in the past, or if you want to know more about what’s behind these crazy “stories”, or Instagram Live, I invite you to check out our upcoming Instagram training! 

On March 5th at 5:30pm PST we’ll be hosting a completely online based training – join us from your computer and keep your phone handy because we’ll be going on Instagram and Facebook to teach you all about going LIVE and everything else you may have been missing out on. We’ll explain it all and tell you all the secrets to growing your Social Media Platforms. I will be answering questions and making it as easy as possible for you to grow your audience on that stage. 

Our online based training only costs $20, but if you’re a member of our Inner Circle, it’s free! I will be helping everyone with going live, all over content and helping you all get a boost in your following. 

Let’s use these amazing platforms for good. We want to help business owners use Social Media to get more exposure about your products, services and passions and to connect you with more people in your community. 

Spread the vibes out there, spread the love, lift somebody else up, maybe do a random act of kindness for somebody else today. Be confident that you are all amazing and people need your positive vibes and your goodwill in their lives. 

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