Greatness – Not just for the few! 3 Tips on Greatness

Too often we write ourselves right out of a great story or future dream because we assume greatness is for THEM – those other people who have the right tools, the right resume, the right experience, the right help, the right natural gifts, etc.

Those “other” businesses/entrepreneurs/people are more suited for greatness. They’re great because they had perfect alignment of all the necessary parts. WRONG! Wrong thinking in so  many ways.

FIRST – Greatness is earned, most often despite what we lack.

The greatest leaders out their are overcomers, achieving in spite of circumstances whether related to health or natural aptitude or resources or connections. Very few of the greats, in business, leadership, or athletics, became great overnight. And rarely was their path to greatness the most direct. So don’t assume your crooked path isn’t leading to success. We believe greatness is in store, if you take action and build it step by step.

SECOND – Greatness is not a limited commodity.

There is room for everyone to be great – we are all unique in our businesses, our styles, and our passions. When we are in our own lane, pursuing our passion and driving our businesses in alignment with our purpose, greatness is attainable. There is market share for you, your idea and your business, if it’s truly based on YOU. So, stop comparing and stop limiting yourself.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

                      – Theodore Roosevelt

THIRD – Greatness is the culmination of a lot of little choices.

Staying intentional with the little things is one of the top recommendations from some of the great business leaders out there. Healthy habits, mindfulness, and effective time management are just some of the many practices successful people implement. You can too! Know your “yes’s” and speak your “no’s” with conviction. Set goals and remain steadfast with the little steps. Too often we want quick fixes in business, just as we do in health and other aspects of life.

Greatness is not quick.

It is a journey. Greatness is a story, that usually includes some tragedy, some comedy, and some mundane. Remain self-aware, know the season you’re in, and don’t settle for mediocrity simply because you story isn’t clearly foreshadowing success just yet.

Trust that greatness is meant for you too! We at Omni believe it is. And, if you need some encouragement or help with any of the important little steps with social media, reach out – join our Omni Inner Circle.


You’re great,


Team Omni

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