3 Tips for Improving Leadership

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  • November 26, 2020

Hi Tess!

Happy Thanksgiving week! Have you gotten your Thanksgiving Day posts created and scheduled? Do it now so you don’t have to scramble on Thanksgiving to get something up!

Today I want to talk about leadership – in our business and personal lives. Coronavirus has thrown up for a loop this year and it’s been easy to use it as an excuse for why we AREN’T doing certain things. But now is the time to think about leadership and as ourselves, “Where am I with leadership? How am I leading my business? How am I leading my family?”

Here are three things we should always be thinking about:

  • Lead by example and set the standard

-In spite of COVID, it’s important to continue on with your plans and pave the path towards your goals. When you can succeed during a pandemic, you’re setting the standard for yourself that nothing is going to get in your way!

  • Communicate Effectively 

-When I’m frustrated, I often realize there’s been a breakdown in effective communication. To prevent this in your business, be clear with your customers about how they can purchase your products. For example “Click this button today by 5pm to purchase!”

-Additionally, invite people to DM you directly if they have any questions or need help purchasing a product.

  • Never Stop Trying to Improve

-With my move I’m really starting to miss my self-help books which are packed away in our storage boxes. They motivate me to continue to work on myself and always try to be the best version I can be!

It’s never too late to make a shift and start improving your leadership in your business, family, and community!

If you missed the FB Live, click the image to watch it now!

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