3 Tips for Finding Joy ✨

Hi Tess!

As you already know, life is unpredictable and things don’t always go as planned! This year has been a huge example of that! So, in those hard times, how do we stay positive and find joy? Here are my 3 tips for finding joy!

  1. Take those self-care breaks. Running a business is hard work! It’s important to give yourself time for self-care and relaxation so you can fully enjoy the experience.
  2. Map out your goals. For many, there’s no greater satisfaction than when you’re checking things off your list and completing goals! And as you’re seeing your success play out in front of you, you’ll be motivated to continue pushing to complete all your goals! Bonus Tip: Use your OSM planner to help map out your goals!
  3. Keep a positive mindset. For you to shine online, you have to let yourself shine as well. Keeping a positive mindset can change the game for your business and your happiness!

More than anything, finding joy is all about your perspective and having a stubbornness of “I will not be shaken” when something doesn’t go as planned. Keep pushing forward with a positive attitude and you WILL make it to the other side!

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