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Aspiring to be inspired? 

When the inspiration is failing to materialize, starting with a little elbow grease, a little sweat, might bridge the gap. If we just keep moving through what feels like a plateau, a lull in motivation, then the inspiration may come back.


Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”


A great Inc article highlighted their TOP 5 tips to inspire your team, and while they certainly apply to any team, we think they can also apply to the one-man/woman show too. Our favorite key takeaway:




This is a great reminder for the team leader and the individual. Sometimes we just have to get dirt under our fingernails and get in the trenches with our work. It’s hard to make an impression from behind the position of giving “feedback only.” Sometimes we need to hunker down and collaborate with team members or outside partners to be inspired. Stepping out of our typical role to work with team members shows that we care about the work and not just managing the workers. Similarly, inviting someone in to share in our otherwise solo project shows other professionals that goals and projects are not meant to be stunted by competitiveness.


At Omni, we’d like to add two more top tips to Inc’s list, 1) Find your space and 2) Check with your people:




Sometimes we end up in an uninspired rut because we haven’t changed things up in a while. Our workspace doesn’t inspire. For the environmentally inspired, take a trip, visit office space of someone in your industry or check out a new coffee shop to invite the creativity of new surroundings to encourage you. It’s not easy to will ideas into existence but we can coax them along when we get out of our routine.




This is the classic concept of using trusted people as sounding boards for ideas. It’s so important to have mentors and visionary friends who we can go to when creativity is at a low. If we don’t have the people, the internet is a great resource. Check in with industry leaders you admire. Look to them for inspiration (follow on Insta, FB, & Pinterest) and maybe even replicate what they are doing. Remember, once you’re out of the rut, make time to build your network so that during the next creative low, you do have people to turn to.


Business growth and creative successes are rarely achieved alone or from the corner of a stifling cubicle. Working with others, turning to mentors, and seeking stimulating environments are all key to bouncing back from that workflow slump.


“Put your hair up, drink some coffee, and handle it!”


We know you can. Inspiration is waiting for you.


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