Here to Stay – Our 3 Tips For Endurance

This modern life is no easy thing. It requires endurance of all varieties. William Barclay put it like this, “endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”

Now, this “hard thing” more overtly applies to significant life struggles and pivotal moments of pain or loss or change. But, endurance is required for all of the other, smaller moments of trying to keep up and adapt. Workforce retraining, continuing education, certificate programs, consulting firms and so much more, all exist because the business environment is always changing, advancements are made, and we have to endure them in order to remain relevant and necessary.

It always seems easier, in relation to technology, to look back to when things seemed simpler and wish for slower times. We may long for the old school news cycles that were not 24/7. We miss traditional modes of communication that didn’t include snapchat or emojis or incessant notifications (those can be turned off*). And, we struggle with the smart phone and all the ways it can make us feel undereducated…



“There’s a better app for that.”

“Don’t you know you can modify this in your settings?”

“You really should install those updates more often.”

And, wait, what? You want me to download another app to make that new Instagram that I just figured out “work better.” You mean all those photos I see in my “feed” were created and edited and scheduled and reposted using MORE APPS? Gah! What happened to the rotary phone?



Of course all those support apps for scheduling or reposting are a reflection of the burgeoning social media space. There is a market for extra tools and features because social media platforms are here to stay. And, if we want to be “here to stay” too, we have to figure it out – ENDURE!

So what is the recipe for endurance? Here are our Omni Social Media Team’s top 3 tips:


Patience – The ways to adapt to today’s tech climate don’t come easy and sometimes they don’t come cheap, but they do appear. If you have the patience to try, to learn, and to adapt, you will endure. A great place to get started with your social media can be found here

Faith – Don’t give up. Keep the faith and when in doubt remember Google is your friend (as is Omni Inner Circle). Try searching for the answer to your tech question in a forum, on a help page, or phone a friend. Faith isn’t sustained in solitude, so find a community that can help you keep the faith and keep up.

Grit – Most successful folks – athletes, stars, surgeons and business leaders – will tell you that after all the preparing and training and education, the last piece that bridged the gap and served as the tipping point for success was grit. It’s the hardest piece to cultivate, but when we do, we can endure and successfully reach goals, even if it’s just a new SMS campaign. For more info on modern research about grit see here.


“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.”



And, don’t forget all the resources you have at your disposal, including your OSM Team. We are here to be a part of your social media journey and to help you endure all the adapting and updating and rebooting. You can turn it all into glory.


* Turning off notifications – a tutorial on how to manage some of the more disruptive notifications here


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