How Do You Get It Done?

Do you get it done? When you have a task list or a project to complete, how do you get it done? Are you a procrastinator? Or, do you steadily chip away at your work?

Recent research shows that procrastination for the deadline driven folks is actually a useful tool. The extra stress brought by the nearing deadline is a strong motivator.

Researchers are learning that people are not only motivated by the hope of positive emotions, but procrastinators “are also motivated, and even driven to achieve, by their attempt to avoid or seek relief from negative ones” (What Motivates Getting Things Done).


“Stress is only bad for you, if you think it is bad for you.”

Mary Lamia


Where do you fall? Are you task-driven or deadline-driven? Sometimes life circumstances can force you into one camp or the other, but it’s important to learn how YOU work best.

Some of our Omni team would say stress is a motivator. The multi-tasking, the juggling, and the ever-closing deadlines we’ve waited to address, all push us. We get it done best when we are “down to the wire.” Other team members dislike the stress that comes with waiting to address something. There’s nothing better for those of us who are task-driven than checking items off our lists and moving projects off our desks.

Whether you need the extra pressure of deadline-driven hustle or whether you see the far-off deadline and meet it early, master your preference and make it work for you.

Make sure to also consider the downsides of both styles. The task-driven may choose to check something off the list without giving it optimal effort. The deadline-driven may forego thoroughness or quality time with others because they waited until “the eleventh hour.”


Own your work style and its strengths and weaknesses.


And, if your historical style isn’t working so well for you, here are some great tips and tools for changing it up:


1. Simplified Habit Reversal outlined in The Power of Habit – you can make procrastination more productive by forming the habit of checking off an unrelated but meaningful to-do list while you procratinate. Learn more details here

2. 7 Tech Tools to Help You Change Your Life – this post shares some productivity, time-tracking and habit changing apps that may help you make some changes. Check them out here. 

3. Tips on Working Smarter, Not Harder – if organizing the lists and balancing it all seems too overwhelming, check out these how to work smart tips. Explore them here


Now, onto the next workday. Honor your style and go get things DONE! Tackle that social media project list too!

For the procrastinators who need deadlines and the early-birds who prefer to-do lists, Omni Inner Circle is here for you. And, if you’ve been specifically procrastinating on mastering social media skills, check out our Omni Connection trainings.


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