Insta Winning – Instagram Features & Your Business

Winning on Instagram is no easy feat. Standing out in a feed on any social platform is hard, for beginners and seasoned experts alike. Fortunately, Instagram has released exciting features, helping make it one of the top platforms for businesses to attract and reach new audiences.


So far in 2017, Instagram has rolled out feature updates each month. We now have the option to share posts of photo and video with multiple shots. Instagram updated it’s live feature, which operates much like Facebook Live, and we can now save the footage for later use. Ads can be created to appear within a user’s Instagram Stories feed. And, now Instagram photos can be made “shoppable” for business accounts, providing the opportunity to seamlessly purchase a company’s products within the app. Surely there will be many more updates to come.


SO, how do we decide which Instagram features are best for our business?


1. Start with what you or your team can successfully add – Take it one step at a time, and be sure you have prioritized the basics first (i.e. brand consistency, post frequency, scheduled campaigns, etc.) before tackling one of the newer features.
2. Identify your goals – Are you looking to increase number of followers? Then Instagram Live might be the right next tool for you… by harnessing this feature’s exclusivity you can garner buzz and attention from followers who are able to catch your live updates, promotions, etc.
3. Strategic trial and error – Test out the different tools with intention so that you can really evaluate what is and isn’t working for your social media plan. Map out your trials so that you can effectively assess your analytics – reach, impressions, and overall growth.


“Growth is a process of trial and error: experimentation.”

-Benjamin Franklin-


With the constant changes in the tools we use, like Instagram, and changes in our business needs, much of determining what works is all about strategic trial and error. Well, that and remembering that success takes time.


Evaluate your existing bandwidth, decide what you hope to accomplish, and then most importantly, put your plan to the test. Just make sure to quickly scrap what isn’t working and streamline your focus on the tools that do work.


Are you winning on Instagram? If, yes – YAY you! If, no – check out next month’s Omni Connection event for a training session on all that Insta has to offer.


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