How to Be Brilliant!

That was brilliant. She’s brilliant. I envy his brilliance.

We say these phrases and label people, experiences, businesses and products as brilliant. But, what is brilliance? Can anyone be brilliant? How do companies achieve brilliance?


Webster’s Dictionary outlines two main definitions for brilliant:


1) very bright… a glittering light.


2) striking, distinctive… a person distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness.


The label “brilliant” is perceived as the ultimate compliment. We want to be distinctive. Professionals want to be known as industry experts who have striking amounts of knowledge and skill. Businesses want their ideas and solutions to be the brilliant concepts and products that rise to the top.


At Omni Social Media, we believe that any person or business can exude brilliance. It just takes effort and a clear understanding of how our individuality (business or personal) can effect brilliance. Each of us, each business, and each community is unique. We were made different, and it’s in our distinguishable differences that we can find our brilliance.


To quote Bruce Lee, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” And while, it’s not an easy task, simplifying our lives and our businesses can help us find our brilliance.  If we isolate our key strengths and values, we can then prioritize and master who we are and what we do. This is what makes us distinguishable. Trying to do it all won’t get us anywhere.


 So how can you simplify?



1) Identify your strengths and core values – find ways to align them.


2) Prioritize what you do well – strive for even better, move from good to great.


3) Accept what your strengths are not – unnecessary comparison is not worth your time.


4) Outsource things you don’t enjoy or don’t do well – spend your time on your strengths.


5) Trust your uniqueness and highlight it – “similar” businesses or people are still different.


Essentially, “you do you”. This phrase is widely used today, especially on social media. It’s as an encouragement for charting a path that isn’t mainstream and praise for being different.


And, we think “YOU DO YOU” should be our internal chant.


It might seem too risky to stand out. But, if the very definition of brilliance is to be distinguishable, then we have to take the risk. We have to be willing to champion our differences in order to be brilliant.


In the recent best-selling business book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins presents the Hedgehog Concept, which maintains the same theme as “you do you.” It’s the idea that we need to focus on doing one thing well rather distractedly doing many things. Businesses should identify what they do best and shed the rest.


To accomplish this, Collins identifies three main questions:


1) What are you deeply passionate about?


2) What can you be the best in the world at?


3) What drives your economic engine?


The point where these answers converge is your target. This is where we can see growth from good to great, and the point at which we may earn the label of brilliance.


So, seek your brilliance today. There’s no better time than now to start simplifying and moving from good to great. Look inward, take risks, and do your best at what YOU do best.


Post sources: Brilliance, Good to Great

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