FBO – Are You Facebook Official?

Facebook Official (FBO) was once “the” online indicator of the seriousness of your relationship status. It became the social trend more than a decade ago. It was a way of announcing to your community a key detail about yourself. How we answered the question, “So, are you Facebook Official?” said a lot.


Today, we at Omni Social Media want to know just how serious YOU and your business are! Are you FBO?


Do you have the right business page established? Are you using it strategically? Are you cultivating a useful network of followers? Have you established a community that is effectively guiding business decisions, and ultimately, are you and Facebook maximizing your business potential?


Facebook is the most highly trafficked social media platform with more than 1.4 billion active users. Nearly 72% of adult internet users use Facebook and those users are active nearly an hour per day. Considering this and the reality that consumers are more likely to head to their social networks and online platforms to research businesses first, staking your business identity on Facebook must be a top priority.


Here are a few of our key tips –


Layout Tips:

Select, the ideal business page type from the outset. Research what is recommended for your business type and consider what page features are used by businesses in your industry.
Display, a high quality profile photo and cover photo for your page. Be sure your tabs and page sections accurately and effectively reflect your business info and style.
Highlight, customer reviews, business events and latest updates from your business. What viewers see first matters so make it count. This is your business’ online resume.


Use Tips:

Interact, daily. It’s suggested posting often will have the greatest impact and video content is key. Consider Facebook Live! And, be sure to always respond to those interacting with you.
Celebrate, your successes and milestones. Facebook is treated as an information and news source now more than ever, don’t hesitate to use it as a news outlet for your business.
Calls to Action, will get your community engaged. Map out ways for your followers to participate whether by surveys, campaigns, or promos you offer via your page.


These are just a few of our top suggestions for business page layout and use. There are so many more Facebook tools to maximize! If you’d like to get more in-person tips for your business, check out our Omni Connection group training session next month – the theme is Facebook! Or, consider an in-person consultation with a team member (details here).


It’s always a good time to grow online!


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