☀️ Sloooow that Boomerang down!

Hi Tess!

I’ve been in Florida for about 3 weeks and can now schedule coffee chats with you all! Please feel free to schedule a time with me to talk about your business and social media!

I was in such a great place with my business in California right before I left, and now I’m ready to take on Florida. I’m going to kickstart my business and finish the year strong! I feel like COVID is starting to be behind us – does anyone else feel that way?

I encourage everyone to begin planning virtual parties, networking parties, etc. for their business. Even if it is not attended by more than 5 people, it is content for you to post on social media, it allows for conversations with you and your followers and is just a general morale booster!

One of the many benefits to posting on social media regularly is staying on top of mind. Post positivity to your stories and newsfeed and begin driving momentum for your business – that momentum will carry you through!

I discovered a fun new way to change Instagram’s Boomerang feature. You can now do a slow-mo Boomerang! After you create your Boomerang, at the top of the screen, the boomerang icon will be present – click on it again, and then at the bottom of the screen, click on the second icon, the clock, and it will slow down your Boomerang. It’s an exciting twist to an Instagram favorite!

If you missed the FB Live, click the image below to watch it now!

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